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Sigismund III Vasa, DONATIVE 10 ducats Gdansk 1614 - Samuel AMMON

VF+/2, ex AU55
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Grade: VF+/2, ex AU55
Reference: Dutkowski 162 ten egzemplarz (R5-R6), Hutten-Czapski 1308, Kaleniecki str. 211, Kurpiewski 2331 (R5)

One of the greatest monetary masterpieces of the time of Sigismund III.

A striking, wide, Danzig donative by the outstanding medaller Samuel Ammon. A medallier who was artistically active for only about 8 years, and one of his most famous works was the stamps for the studukat.

He was born in 1591, and Marian Gumowski wrote of his employment at the Gdansk mint as follows:
"...he was engaged by Daniel Clüwer in 1613 at the latest.... very soon he made such a name for himself that he was recognized as a first-class artist.... he was exceptionally allowed to put the initials of his name, the letters SA, on the coinage stamp...the right to initials had hitherto been vested only in the head of the mint, and therefore this privilege granted to Ammon was an unprecedented thing and best characterizes his position at the mint as an artist who, because of his talent, enjoyed great favor...."

In 1614 he created this work, among others!

At that time, he created stamps for three denominations of gold coins: a single ducat and 5- and 10-ducat donations. The 10 ducats, due to its size and the considerable width of the stamp, gave the artist the greatest opportunity to develop his amazing artistry of all the denominations of this issue. It can be seen in the beautiful details of the royal bust, the console of the coat of arms of Gdansk, or wonderful nuances like smaller than half a millimeter (!) hidden dates or initials.

The 10 ducats is also an item of great rarity. Incommensurably rarer compared to the relatively common issues stamped with the 5-ducat stamp.

This one is in a very nice state of preservation for such a large numismat. Good relief. Preserved very rare natural mint luster. On the obverse mainly between the obverse letters and in the nooks and crannies of the relief, but on the reverse also on the vast majority of the background, which is very rare for large, broad 10-ducat pieces.

Excellent item.

Coin with provenance from two outstanding collections - M. Frankiewicz (sold in 1930) and Anthony J. Taraszka (sold in New York, where it was also highlighted in the catalog).

Gold, diameter 47.5 mm, weight 35.13 g

Obverse: bust of the king wearing a crown, orifice and armor covered with a cloak fastened with a brooch (with the initials AVHK), with the Order of the Golden Fleece. In the epaulettes incorporated small initials S-A, under the bust the date 1613. In the rim the royal titulature.

Reverse: two lions supporting an oval city cartouche, standing on a richly decorated console. Above the shield the head of an angel with wings. On the crosses are inscriptions referring to the virtues: CHARITAS and VERITAS and IVSTITIA and HONOR. On the beam of the console the inscriptions SAPIENTIA and CONCORDIA, below them the date 16-14. At the bottom of the console the mint mark - the bear's paw - and the initials D-C (Daniel Klüwer). Above the console initials S-A, below it the microdate 1614 (height ~ 0.3 mm!). Above the shield with the coat of arms of Gdansk, initials SA and SB. At the top a beautiful cartouche with angels.

Auction 23 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw
03 June 2024 CEST/Warsaw
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117 647 EUR
VF+/2, ex AU55
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166 588 EUR
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Auction 23 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw
03 June 2024 CEST/Warsaw
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